Super Cat Episode 27 – vs The Wicked Witch, Part 4

This episode, we get our first glimpse of Super Cat’s home planet.  We got a hint that Earth was not his home in the Swarm.  Now, we finally get to see it and find out what happened there.  Super Cat says it was a disaster, but that can cover a lot of ground.

The kids this comic is written for probably won’t recognize the building the palace is based on, but I’m sure some of my older readers will.

Timmy got a surprise this past week, Super Cat Comics!!  We hit 20 episodes a few weeks ago, and conveniently at the end of a story, so I ordered some Super Cat comics from my printer.  I told Timmy I was doing a video blog entry, a box opening, for my Stalker Patreon, which I was.  What I didn’t tell him was what was inside the box.  You can see his reaction here.

For tonight, Timmy is off with his Scout Troop.  They are certainly braver than me.  If I was a new Boy Scout, I might pick a weekend when it wasn’t going to get down to 10 degrees for my first camp out.

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