Super Cat Episode 26 – vs. The Wicked Witch, Part 3

Tom is left pondering what happened to his cat as Super Cat races off to save the world once again.  We get a hint to a grim past and another reference to Kitty Land, which was mentioned by the aliens so many episodes ago.  Will Super Cat be in time?

A little cool news for today.  The first 20 comic strips of Super Cat have been put together into a comic book!  Timmy was very excited, stunned in fact, when he first saw it, because I didn’t tell him I’d ordered them.  We’ll have those comics at our future convention outings.

You get to see Timmy’s surprise because I made an unboxing video of the whole thing.  He had no idea what he was unboxing until he got them out!!  I’ll post the link here shortly, as soon as I get it uploaded.

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