Super Cat – Episode 23

The amazing thing is that no one suspects that Spots is Super Cat!!

I wonder if Tom has to cover the damages.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve abandoned drawing on the tablet.  I’ve gone back to pencil and paper, though with some changes which make the whole process easier for me.  Now I can get back to trying to become a better artist.

If you’re in the path of the snowpocalypse, stay safe, stay warm.  We’ll have to see about the Toyman Show on Sunday.  If the snow lasts to late into the night tomorrow, it may not be possible to make the trek out to the show, but hopefully we can still make it.Timmy should have a new page of Super Cat.

Speaking of Super Cat, we finally have enough to put together a small booklet of Super Cats.  I’m don’t think I can have that ready in time for the Geeky Extravaganza, but probably the next show after that.

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