Super Cat – Episode 21

This episode, Tom rushes Spots off to the vet for fear of the serious injuries he may have obtained in the accident.  But first, they have to make a very important stop.

Hi guys.  Thanks for putting up with the comic these last few weeks.  I still struggle to draw using the computer and tablet.  Simple things, like drawing a straight line, become so difficult.  I’ve been told that there are better drawing programs for drawing by hand on the computer than Photoshop, but my budget for new software is pretty limited.

Timmy, out intrepid writer and creator of Super Cat, has started a new venture this week as a Youtuber.  You can find his first few videos by clicking here.  For the moment, he’s doing some Roblox let’s play type videos.  We’re still figuring out sound, so for now it’s just game audio.  He comments by making his character speak.  We hope to get voice this weekend.

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