Super Cat and the UFO, Pt 1

Welcome to the new Super Cat comic strip.

This is a bit different then any of the other comics on this site.  This comic is written by my nine year old son, Timmy.  This is his first comic, which he created for his classmates in school.  He’s been inspired by my own comics, and Captain Underpants, to create a comic of his own.

When I started work on relaunching my webcomic, Timmy wanted to know if his comic could be included.  I agreed, of course.  I’m all for encouraging his creativity.

The plan was for him to redraw his stories in a form that would work better for the website, but in the end, he wasn’t confident enough in his artistic skills and asked me to draw the comic.  Now, I’ve always said, I hire artists because no one would want to read what I drew, but here I am, drawing a comic.

So, this is a first attempt for both of us.  Timmy’s first comic, and my first published artwork.  I hope you’ll all enjoy it.

It’s a cat comic, so it’s destined to be the most popular and successful of our comics.

Commentary by Bradley Potts.

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