Super Cat – Episode 4 – Super Cat!! Meow!!

And Super Cat is off to investigate the emergency and save the day.  If you’re new to Super Cat, we’re still early in the story, but we’re going to have some fun.  Super Cat was created and plotted by my son, Timmy.  He first created Super Cat as a comic to entertain his friends at school back when he was about 8.  He’s 11 now, and has several stories he wants to bring to a wider audience.

Previously, we tried to do it on our own, Timmy plotting and I trying to draw, but I wasn’t very good, so we stopped for a time to regroup and now we’re back with a real artist at the helm, Marcos Gratao.

We’d love to hear from all our Super Cat fans, old and new.  Please drop us a comment down below.

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