Quantum Team #3 – Page 1

Time to kick off the new story.  On this first page we’re introduced to a new team of heroes, or at least part of it, the Vigilantes.  Marcos tells me that this is a hero team from an older comic he created some time ago.  He thought he’d bring them back now, and we’ll see if maybe we can get up some of those older issues as well.

The Vigilantes seem to be a pretty professional outfit, standing a regular, scheduled rotation, watching over the city.  It’s the sort of thing the Avengers or Justice League would do.  I’m not sure it’s an efficient use of manpower on what is bound to be a pretty small team. Do emergencies they would handle come up often enough to justify a manned watch?  What sort of things to they respond to?  If there’s a bank robbery or something like that, do they respond, or only to special emergencies?  How do the real police feel about all this?

Feels like something I’d maybe hire out to civilian contractors, or maybe even just to the local 911 emergency center.  Do they have 911 in Brazil?  Probably, although maybe they use a different phone number.  We see something of that sort in the Stalker comic, where people can reach Public Defender through his call service.

I’m curious about the round building.  Is that an actual landmark of Sao Paulo, or is that the superhero headquarters?  I’d be afraid that having a big public headquarters would be a little like painting a target on your back.  Everyone knows where to find you, including your enemies.

We don’t learn too much about these guys here.  The guy is Ivan, apparently something of a new member.  We learn next to nothing about the woman, not even her name.  Next week, will we find out about this emergency, or is this just a teaser, transition to Quantum Team some time later?  I guess we’ll find out then.

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