Quantum Team #3 – Page 2

We get to see a lot more of the Vigilantes this week, seven of them in fact.  It’s a big team.  I wonder what sort of power level we’re dealing with here.  Maybe they are mostly masked crime fighters with low power levels, dealing with similarly scaled bad guys, or all ganging up on one big baddy.  If they’re all power houses, I’d hate to see the city after a tough battle.  It’d look like some sort of natural disaster went through.

Big and powerful teams usually work on a much larger scale, like the Avengers or the Justice League (again in keeping with having a watch officer on duty at all times).  It’s unusual for a local team.  They’re usually more low key, like the Birds of Prey.

This Big Red guy.  I wonder why he can’t make it.  Is it because he’s as demonic as his appearance might suggest and the writers are trying to avoid contact between him and Enemus?  Or maybe the whole point is for them to meet when he goes to Quantum Team for help in finding his missing teammates?  I’m speculating here, of course, presuming that something is going to happen to the Vigilantes which requires the intervention of Quantum Team.  This is a Quantum Team book, after all, not a Vigilantes book.

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