Quantum Team #1 – Page 14

Thunder Girl doesn’t seem to worked up that she fried some poor guys with that last lightning strike.  She’s clearly not as concerned about such things as Dark Bishop, but perhaps less blase then Enemus or Cyclone, who are happy to just take people out.

In any case, Enemus thinks these guys are hopeless thralls of Hell.  Let’s hope he’s right.

Enemus is looking more worried then I’ve seen him before.  Whatever is going on has got even him spooked, something not to take likely from a man who has walked through Hell, literally, and done battle with princes from Hell.  He seems to recognize something in what’s going on here and it’s got him on edge.

A note on the art.  The last several pages have been the work of Marcos Gratao, but Quantum Team is a joint effort of several indy Brazilian artists.  They have each provided a hero, contributed to the story, and helped with the art.  It’s clear from the change in art style that we’ve had some change in who’s doing the art the last couple weeks.  I’m reaching out to Marcos to get the details.

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