Quantum Team #1 – Page 12

Dark Bishop’s ego has gotten him in over his head, a man with no powers trying to fight it out by hand with a powerful, enhanced being.  Dark Bishop is clearly no Batman, more on par with the Watchmen’s Comedian perhaps?

Fortunately, he’s not alone and Cyclone has come to his rescue.  I’m not sure Dark Bishop is as appreciative as he should be though, seeing as he and Cyclone pretty much hate each other.  Cyclone doesn’t show any signs that he’s going to be magnanimous about it either.  Looks like he’s going to be reminding his teammate about this rescue for a long time to come.

I remain concerned about the long term stability of this team.  At this point, there is so much hostility and no clear leader to ride herd over the unruly heroes.  Without an imminent crisis, I see little hope for them to stick together as a group.


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