Quantum Team #1 – Page 9

First off, sorry for the missed week.  I didn’t notice until it was time to post that I had used up my whole backlog of pages and had to contact Marcos to send my some more.  We’re good for a couple more weeks now, but missed a week.

We learn a few things about the Universe of Enemus and Quantum Team this week.  Every child has a guardian angel that watches over them.  These angels, unfortunately, don’t appear to have much power to intervene when something bad happens, as they have to depend on Enemus and company to do it for them.  They must be helpful in some way, but we don’t know enough about it from this to tell.  Early Enemus pages might provide a clue as well.  We know Gabrielle was helping out a child at the beginning of that story.

Dark Bishop, it turns out, isn’t a superhero, in the traditional sense.  He’s a masked crime fighter, relying on his skills, not powers, in his fight against evil.  Hopefully he has some useful knowledge or skills.  If he’s just a tough guy, he could end up being a liability to his obviously very formidable teammates.  The reason Batman is able to hang with the justice league is not his strength or fighting skill.  What do Superman or Wonder Woman need with those abilities.  It is his mind that is always three steps ahead of everyone else.

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