Quantum Team #1 – Page 7

There’s often a conflict when heroes with different methodologies and morals are forced to team up.  We’ve seen this time and time again when Batman and Superman are forced to work together, and at the end of the day, they really agree on the basic rules of the game.  It gets even worse when a hero who wants to be moral and good runs into one who believes that any means are justified in the pursuit of justice, or worse, revenge.

Obviously, the Dark Bishop’s personal code doesn’t allow for killing, and I’m guessing that Thunder Girl plays by those same rules as she was reluctant to use her full power and only did so sparingly when she discovered her opponents were too tough to handle with kid gloves.

Enemus seems really unconcerned about the dead body, but then again most of his opponents are demons and monsters, so it may just be that he has a hard time dealing with humans in a different way then he does with the monsters.

While Cyclone did the actual killing, despite Enemus being blamed for it, it’s hard to say where he stands in the argument.  He seemed concerned when he did it that he’d used too much power.  For now, all the blame is falling on Enemus.

What we do learn is the Enemus, Dark Bishop and Cyclone were already working together.  Thunder Girl’s presence is just a matter of happenstance, but these three had already formed an alliance of sorts, an uneasy one at best.  Given that fact, there’s a good chance that they know more about what’s going on then we do so far.

Apparently the entire team was so distracted by the death of the one villain that the others were able to get away clean with the baby.  Maybe Enemus and Cyclone aren’t so bloodthirsty as they want others to believe.  Maybe Dark Bishop is ultimately wrong about them and this was a complete accident.  Enemus could just be playing tough guy because it fits his rep.

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