Quantum Team #1 – Page 6

Even Thunder Girl’s lightning turns out to be ineffective against these possessed thugs.  Part of the problem of being a superhero is you have to regularly pull your punches to avoid killing or maiming someone by accident.  But what if you underestimate your opponent as has happened here to Thunder Girl and the Dark Bishop?  The villains don’t have this problem.  Not only are most heroes going to be well known from their past exploits, with their strengths and weaknesses well documented by the press, but the villains really don’t care if they send one to the hospital, or maybe even to the morgue.

Some villains will show some restraint.  If you kill a hero, you can be sure the next hero you meet isn’t going to pull any punches or be too broken up if there’s an accident.  In Stalker, for instance, the heroes and villains fight, sometimes people get hurt, but when Thorn out and out murders a hero, the gloves come off and the rest of the heroes band together to bring him down hard, unconcerned about how many rules they break doing it.  The villains know this and remember this lesson the next time they fight a hero.

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