Quantum Team #1 – Page 3

This scene took a quick and unexpected turn.  I was expecting a big lightning show, Thunder Girl kicking these guys butts, but instead it turned out she was the one underestimating her opponents.  It looks like we have a gang of enhanced bad guys operating here.  This may explain why they want the baby.  Is the kid the child of a super being?  Are they hoping to get something that helps with their enhancement program?

It looks like Thunder Girl could use some extra training time too.  Maybe she’s relatively new to the hero biz, but she shouldn’t have let herself be so easily surprised.  That kind of awareness and readiness is something that comes from training and experience.  If she’s something of an amateur with little practical experience, this could be a hard learned lesson, but one she’s going to have to take to heart.  We don’t know much about her powers and abilities yet, but against a more dangerous opponent, this lapse could have been career ending.

If the rest of the team is relatively new and inexperienced, maybe Public Defender needs to head south and run them through some training.

This shouldn’t be taken as a complaint.  A new team or hero learning the ropes can be an entertaining story.  Grrl Power, as an example, has that as it’s entire premise, as did the New Mutants when Marvel introduced them back in the 80s.  These teams have to struggle to learn their own abilities and how to work together and grow into the heroes they are destined to become.

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