Quantum Team – Cover

It’s been an exciting and busy week here at gateway Comics Presents.  I’ve been working hard to modify the site to accommodate our newest comic, Quantum Team.

Quantum Team brings together three Brazilian indy artists, each bringing their own hero and talents to the project.  The team includes Enemus, of course, by our own Marcos Gratao.  Joining him are Dark Bishop, Cyclone , and Thunder Girl.  Joining Marcos on the project are Rodrigo Fernandes, Vinicius de Moura and Breno and Jorge Araujo.

Having been created by a Brazilian team, the comic is in Portuguese, of course, but the team have asked me to host the English language version on my site.  Marcos is handling primary translation, and I’m editing the English version.

So far, the art looks great, and we know Marcos has some cool stories to tell.  Like Enemus, I’ll be reading it right along with you.  No spoilers in this commentary, just discussion and theorizing, because I haven’t read ahead.

If this is your first time on the site, welcome.  I encourage you to check out some of the other comics on the site, in particular, Marcos other book, Enemus.  You can find links to all the other comics at the top of the page.

Just a cover for this week, but next week, we’ll jump right into the first page of the story.

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