Hellenistic Mysteries #3 – Page 20

As we wrap up the third issue of Hellenistic Mysteries, the golden age comes to an end.  The great kingdom of the gods known as Olympus has been founded, even if it is now little more then a pinnacle of rock, far from the glorious place it will be in later ages.

Across the valley is the home of Cronus, a god whose age is ending, but he won’t give up quietly and fade away.  Despite the prophesy which fortold this day, he will fight for every last moment.

And who will ultimately suffer?  The normal people who live in the valley.  Simple farmers and herders.  They live idyllic, happy lives.  The are born, marry, have children.  They give gifts up to the Titans who so long ago gave them life and worship their gods.  They are totally unaware that they now live on the fields of battle of beings of great power.  Beings who are as unconcerned with them as a farmer plowing a field is of the ants that live there.

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