Hellenistic Mysteries #3 – Page 17

And so it continues.  The poison does its work, forcing Cronus the regurgitate his swallowed children, one after another, after another.

This is essentially the beginning of the end for Cronus.  It has been an age, literally, since Nyx told him that his own children would be his downfall, just as he caused the downfall of his own father.  Now the prophesy stands on the brink of fulfillment as his children are all freed from their long imprisonment.

We can only speculate on what really happened to them.  Cronus swallowed them all whole, and in the many years since, all have grown to be adults.  Clearly they can’t just have been sitting in his stomach all that time.  Mark Howden imagined the titan’s mouth was a portal to another place.  That’s why he always drew the blue glow from it.  But in that case, where did it go?  Where have they been?

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