Hellenistic Mysteries #3 – Page 10

Zeus doesn’t have to defeat Cronus entirely on his own.  His mother has a long list of grievances against her husband.  His grandmother isn’t too thrilled with her son’s behavior either.  Then, of course there is Thea, who’s been razzing Cronus since the day he first took the throne and was in on the deception that brought Zeus to safety many years before.

Rhea is the first to help him, gaining him access to the Temple of Cronus, the mad titan’s home.

Speaking of Titans, I got to see Godzilla this weekend.  The four of us who went to see the movie all enjoyed it immensely.  The reviewers who have been giving it a hard time don’t seem to understand that it’s a movie about the huge monster stomping on cities.  They seem to expect some sort of Oscar level drama from a film that is, at its heart, just a disaster movie. The Godzilla fans aren’t going for deep meaning.  We want to see some cities stomped and some giant monsters.

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