Hellenistic Mysteries #3 – Page 7

If you aren’t a scholar of Greek myth, you’ve probably been getting the idea that Cronos is the villain and Zeus the hero.  However, Zeus was never much better then the Titan who ate his siblings.  In addition to his philandering nature, as you see here, he has little in the way of loyalty to those who helped raise him up.  Before people start making comparisons to current political figures, it should be noted this story was written and drawn back in 2014.

Zeus slays the goat that nourished him as an infant and strips it of its hide to create an impenetrable shield, the Aegis.  This shield may be something even those with no past knowledge of Greek myth may recognize.  It gave its name to the US Navy’s Air Defense system, known as the Aegis system, which is meant to shield the ships from missile and air attack.

Others may remember this shield from the old Clash of the Titans movie.  It is the shield used by Perseus (one of the bastard children of Zeus) in that movie, where he uses the mirrored finish to look for Medusa.

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