Hellenistic Mysteries #3 – Page 6

What we know from the ancient Greek writings about Zeus’ childhood is rather sparse.  Most of what has survived is about his time as king of the Gods of Olympus.  There are some variations on the story of how he avoided being killed by his father and a number of contradictory tales of how and by who he was raised, that I’m tried to piece together into a coherent narrative over the last few pages.  Now, here we are.  Zeus is an adult, powerful and ready to face his father.

From legend, we know he would confront his father and free his siblings (I hope that’s not a spoiler), but there is little written about how that actually occurred, so now we move into an area of speculation.  What happened between the time of his infancy and that fateful confrontation?

In the next several pages, I’ll explore that idea and present to you how I think it might have happened.

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