Hellenistic Mysteries #3 – Page 1 – A Great Legacy

Gaia has the musicians making a great racket so that Cronus can not hear Zeus and find his son.  While they have fooled the mad god for now, it wouldn’t do for their secret to be revealed and ruin all their work.

Zeus has quite a lineage.  He is third in a line of god kings who have ruled since the very dawn of creation.  His father is Cronus, the mad titan who took the throne by murdering his own father and then ate his children to protect himself from suffering the same fate.  Cronus created the first race of mankind and ruled over what the Classical Greek would one day refer to as the Golden Age.

His grandfather was the sky god, Uranus, first king of the gods, father of the titans and all the monsters in dark Tartarus.  His grandmother is the one we still refer to today as “Mother Nature,” Gaia.

Over the next several weeks, we will delve into Zeus’s story

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