Hellenistic Mysteries #3 – Cover

In the first two issues of Hellenistic Mysteries, we’ve looked at a very dim period of Greek myth.  The Greeks themselves did not seem to put much importance into the creation myth.  It was the past, old gods who no longer held much power over their lives.  There were few tellings of the ancient tales and little art depicting the events or personalities.  This is complicated even more by the fact that the various polises which made up Greece at the time didn’t even agree completely on the events.

With issue 3 we move into an era of more importance and better documentation.  Issue 3 we will look at the childhood of a god who almost everyone will recognize.  He’s the father of Persius and Hercules (Heracles) and in some tellings, Wonder Woman.  His philandering is a thing of legend, as was his jealousy.  We’re, of course, talking about Zeus, king of the Olympian gods.

While most of you will know something of him, it’s probably the bearded philanderer, ruling over Mount Olympus.  Fewer of you may be familiar with his earlier life.  Zeus also was a child, son of Cronus and Rhea.  It is to this time that issue 3 takes us.

While Cronus, the mad king, still ruled the world, a young godling, Zeus, made his way in the world, starting this week.

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