Hellenistic Mysteries #2 – Page 20 – Soon It Will Be Your Time

This week we wrap up the end of the second issue of Hellenistic Mysteries.

Gaia knows the prophesy that some day one of Cronus children will Bring him down and replace him on the throne.  Will it be the little baby, Zeus, that she cradles in her arms?  Well, I expect that most of my readers already know the answer to that one.  Did you know, though, that Gaia protected the little baby by having loud music played outside the cave where she hid him?  That was so Cronus would not be able to hear the cries of the baby over the racket.

Next week begins Issue 3.  In this issue we will learn a lot more about the child, Zeus, that many of you may not be aware of.  Most know only of the bearded king of the gods, but of course he had to come from someplace.

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