Hellenistic Mysteries – Pages 12 and 13 – A New Dawn

The Titans continue to set the basic mechanics of the world in motion this issue with the rising of the sun and the beginning of a regular day night cycle.  We start to see now that not all the Titans were banished to Tartarus ant the end of the Age.  In later ages, when the gods of Olympus ruled, Luna and Eos would continue to shepherd the day and the night.  Helios would be replaced in his task by an Olympian, the god Apollo, but not before serving long beyond the fall of the Titans in this role.

Cronus has, in the meantime, been reduced in stature by the shrewd political maneuverings of his sister, Theia.  As Cronus huddled in fear of the dark and complained, she has acted and brought order to the cosmos and put her own children in control of these fundamental cycles of time.

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