Hellenistic Mysteries #2 – Page 11 – And Luna Shall Rule the Night

At this early age of the Greek Gods, we start to see some of the controlling powers of the Universe begin to take shape.  Eros and Oceanus are already in place, as is Aphrodite.  Now Luna takes over stewardship of the moon and begins to bring order to the night sky.

We are still early in the era of the Titans.  Most of the Olympian gods, with the exception of Aphrodite, haven’t even been born yet.  Indeed, though she sits among them later, I wonder if it’s even appropriate to number Aphrodite among the Olympians.  All are the scions of Uranus, but Aphrodite is not a daughter or descendant of either Gaia or Rhea, as are all the other Titans and Olympians.

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