Hellenistic Mysteries #2 – Page 10 – A Day Without a Night, A Night Without a Day

Bonus points for anyone who tells me where that title comes from.

Those of us in the Judeo-Christian world, including Islam, tend to think of creation as very orderly.  God had a plan, he made the world to that plan, and here we are living in that world.

Greek creation was not so neat and tidy.  Their gods had no plans, at least none beyond their scheming to one up each other.  Creation was a way to solve problems.  No god created the sky and the land and the sea.  It just sort of happened by accident in their own creation.  People were not part of some plan of Cronus.  He made them to try and cheer up his unhappy wife.  The sun in the sky and the existence of night and day were unplanned and a disorganized mess.

Now, Cronus has put his biggest critic in charge of fixing that mess.

2 thoughts on “Hellenistic Mysteries #2 – Page 10 – A Day Without a Night, A Night Without a Day”

  1. I first encountered that phrase in the movie, Ladyhawk, as an allusion to an eclipse. I suspect that’s where you’re getting it from, but it might be the movie creators took it from an older source.

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