Hellenistic Mysteries #2 – Page 8 – Children of the Gods

Cronus shows just how totally tone deaf he is to his wife’s grief in this episode.  But, of course, the gods often showed themselves to be a totally self centered bunch with very little concern for the effect their actions had on others unless it had a negative impact on themselves.

The Golden Age of the Greeks was also the first appearance of men on the world.  It’s a little vague as to whether this first race of men included women or not.  Certainly their were female titans, and both older and younger gods would include women among their ranks, but there is a myth, which takes place much later in Greek myth where the gods create the first woman, Pandora, as a punishment for Prometheus and the men he so favored.

It’s hard to say much about the Golden Age, of which so little survives in the classical writings, for these are not the same people as those which Prometheus aided.  People would be created and destroyed many times over by the gods, and only the fourth or fifth attempt would actually lead to the people which the Greeks themselves considered themselves the descendants of.  It is that last creation which would be visited by the first woman, Pandora, who was seen as a punishment as she would bring with her all the evils of the world in the form of “Pandora’s Box.”

Maybe the earlier races of people had women, or maybe not.  For purposes of our story, I’m assuming their were women among that first race created by Cronus.

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