Hellenistic Mysteries #2 – Cover

This week we launch Hellenistic Mysteries #2.  You may have heard of the “Golden Age” of comics.  Indeed, everything tends to have a Golden Age, but did you know the term goes all the way back to Greek Myth?  The original Golden Age was a time of peace and prosperity on Earth, where the Titans ruled benevolently over their children the first men and women on Earth.

This issue tells the tale of that time, a time when the first people lived.  A time before war, hunger or illness.  A time of plenty and happiness, but also of fear.  Not of the people, they were very happy, but of the mad god, Cronus, king of the titans in this paradise.  Cronus had been cursed for the murder of his father, Uranus, and the betrayal of his mother, Gaia.  He did not know when retribution would come for him, but he lived with the fear and paranoia that at any time his rule could come to an end.

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