Hellenistic Mysteries #1 – Page 24 – A Dangerous Prophesy

I was just working on the website when I saw that I misnamed the image file for both this week and last week.  That means for a week the current episode page has been displaying no image.  You guys need to pipe up in the comments and let me know if you see a problem.  I do check for comments regularly to approve and respond to them…  Unless, of course, no one is reading…  That would be sad 🙁

This week we reach the end of the Primordial Era of Greek myth.  The world has been created and populated with creatures.  The first generation of Gods has been swept aside and the Titans, led by Cronus, has come to power.  But he comes to power with a terrible burdeon because he knows he is doomed to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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