Hellenistic Mysteries #1 – Page 13 – Loyal Son

Uranus is the world’s first abusive husband, along with his many other firsts.  This is in part a piece of the story, but also a potent commentary of where the Ancient Greeks felt women belonged in the world.  It was a different time and woman had few rights  In classical Athens, the birthplace of Democracy, woman could not go out of the house without their husbands.  Indeed, if male who was a non-family member came to the home, the women of the house were expected to retreat to the women’s quarters and not be seen.

About the only option an abused wife would have then, would be the final option.  In Gaia’s case, she has Cronus do it.

Cronus castrates his father and tosses his severed genitals into the sea.  He then waits for Uranus to bleed to death, taking the throne.

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