Hellenistic Mysteries #1 – Page 10 – Consequences

Uranus has chosen a course of action which has angered Gaia.  Worse yet, he has assaulted and humiliated her.  As we all know, it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature, and she’s ready to do something about it.

The gods of Ancient Greece were petty and vengeful.  They would savage a city or torture and disfigure people for the smallest of insults.  Medusa was a priestess, punished for being raped by another god.  Heracles was hounded all his life because his father, Zeus, had an affair, and many women’s lives were ruined because someone would dare say they were more beautiful than some vane goddess.

Here, Uranus has done far worse to Gaia and she’s out for blood and looking for allies.  Most of Uranus’ sons are unwilling to risk Uranus’ anger should things not go their way, but one young titan is more ambitious.

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