Hellenistic Mysteries #1 – Page 9 – Father of the Year

Uranus is just an ass here.  He’s ready to just do away with his own kids because he doesn’t like the looks of them.  When his wife, Gaia tries to intervene, he hits her!

This is pretty typical, though, of the stories of Ancient Greece and the Ancient Greeks of that time probably wouldn’t have batted an eye at this behavior.  Certainly their social norms and beliefs of the proper role of men and women would be considered totally unacceptable in the western world today.

Uranus has, however, forgotten the old adage, it’s not wise to mess with Mother Nature.

I hope everyone can come out later today to the Toyman Toy Show.  Timmy and I will be there with comics and art prnits from Stalker, Hellenistic Mysteries and Super Cat.  We look forward to seeing everybody.

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