Hellenistic Mysteries #1 – Page 1 – Nyx

This page begins the creation myth of Ancient Greece.  I say the, but it would be better to say a creation myth, for in my research, I found no less than three distinct stories.  This one appears to be one of the most common, the goddess Nyx, in the form of a great bird, creating the world out of chaos and darkness.

For Mark Howden, this was the first comic page we had ever drawn.  There were a few versions of it before he produced this final form.

This is a time before the gods most people think of.   It would be an eon before the birth of the more famous gods, such as Zeus, Athena, or Hades.  Even the ancient titans have not yet appeared.  This is a time of the most primordial gods, fundamental aspects of the Universe.

Illustrated by Mark Howden

Commentary by Bradley Potts

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