Hellenistic Mysteries #1 Cover

Welcome to Hellenistic Mysteries, a comic which tells the ancient tales of Greek myth in a comic book form.  An important thing to know about Greek myth is that there is no “correct” version.  There was no one true mythos 2500 years ago in Athens or Sparta or Troy.  Every polis (city) had their own version of the myths.  Each one would focus on different stories and characters, usually with an aim to pumping up their own homeland’s importance in the overall histories.

What has survived to the modern era is only a small fraction of what had been written at the time.  Mostly, they are drawn from the works of Homer and the playwrights whose works survive from Athens or the libraries of Constantinople.  Even those works which survive often differ in numerous and often contradictory ways.

What I have done in the stories that follow is try to assemble an internally consistent narrative which is loyal to the original source material.  You may have read other myths which do not agree, and that’s fine, because the Greeks themselves did not have a consistent narrative.  There was no Greek Bible which stated what the correct version of these stories was.

The art is by Mark Howden.  Mark was a graphic artist from Edmonton Canada who had never previously drawn a comic.  He contacted me back in 2013 and asked me to write something he could draw, because he thought it would be fun.  As such, you’ll see his art change and improve over the course of the stories as he found his style, much as I am doing today by drawing my first comic, Super Cat.

Illustrated by Mark Howden

Commentaries by Bradley Potts

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