Enemus #5 – Page 7

So Enemus finally took this guy out.  It’s about time really.  We’ve been waiting for this monster to turn up again since we saw him on the first page, way back in issue 1.

Enemus’ background remains rather hazy, but we learned a little more this episode.  We already knew he’d been to Hell, but now we know he died and went their.  That leaves open the question as to why he was in Hell.  Did he do something noble but evil?  Was he tricked into something or maybe sacrificed?  Or, was he just a really bad dude who got what he had coming?

Somehow, he recovered from that as well.  We don’t really know how death and Hell work in this universe yet.  Could he have escaped back to the mortal plane on his own, or did he require help?  He works for Penumbra now.  Did they pluck him out of Hell?

We could be cynical at this point and presume he’s only fighting for good because that’s the deal.  Fight for us or we leave you here to eternal damnation and suffering, but I don’t think his attitude quite fits with that assumption.  He seems sincere in his preference for good over evil at this point.  Was he always that way, or is he reformed, having seen the evil of his past life and wanting to atone for it?

We’ll have to wait for these answers.

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