Enemus #3 – Page 21

This week wraps up Enemus #3.  Enemus #4 is already complete and in my hands, so we’ll be moving right along to the next issue next week.

As for this week, Marcos has continued his tradition of providing a little more background on each of his characters with each issue.  This issue, we learn more about the enigmatic “Number 9.”  She’s a machine, built for war back in World War II, so there has to be quite a story there.  Clearly, no technology even close to that required for this project existed back in that time in the real world, even among the most technologically advanced nations.

In the era of World War II, Brazil was using refurbished WWI ships or ships purchased from the United States in its navy, so it’s unlikely to be producing cutting edge, super androids without some sort of help.  Time travelers?  Aliens?  Where did this technology come from?

Brazil was the only South American power to take an active role in the war, joining the hunt for U-Boats in the Atlantic and deploying troops to help in the Italian campaign, so the creation of these androids for that purpose is feasible.  They were most likely deployed to Italy, where they would have faced German troops, and presumably any super-powered units the NAZIs were able to field.

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