Enemus #3 – Page 17

There we go, now we have a time frame for our heroes, half an hour.  Half an hour is really a long time, so this is bound to go really bad for someone.  Either the villains are going to fail and be defeated in short order, or the heroes are.  With half an hour, I don’t see a fight dragging out until the countdown’s up.

And the heroes won’t be taking half an hour to get here and arrive at the last minute, unless Sigfred managed to stagger all the way here from where ever the fight was taking place.  Enemus and Shark are probably standing just off panel, gloating and trying to look cool.

Well, we’ll know soon in any case.  I’ve been bad and am writing this just before it’s time for me to go look at the next page.  I have to check the grammar and make sure the Google Translate from the Portuguese makes sense.  Page 18 goes up tonight!!

Oh, and Marcos sent me a little present today, Enemus #4!!  So you’re stuck with me and Enemus for at least another 6 months.

Marcos is asking about a Kickstarter for the trade paperback once we get through Issue 5.  Any takers out there?  Give me a shout in the comments below.

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