Enemus #3 – Page 16

It’s hard to say in this episode how much trouble our heroes are in.  We don’t know what time it is.  That said, it’s clear the villains’ plan is moving along nicely and according to schedule.  They’ve collected the last of the pieces of the Statue of the Goddess and have it all assembled.  It looks like the next step is pretty simple, they just have to wait for midnight..  But midnight where?

This is a big missing piece of a lot of prophesies set to go off at midnight of a particular day.  The world is round and rotating.  That means that it’s always midnight someplace.  If the midnight time frame is tied to a certain place, does the statue have to also be in that place?  Maybe it’s just midnight where ever the statue happens to be… did they take into account daylight savings time?

In any case, Enemus, Shark and Nine are in the building and on their way.  They just have to presumably smash the statue before midnight to ruin the whole plan, or at least delay it 24 hours.  Ideally, once they find these guys, they should put all their energy into destroying the statue.  Don’t get bogged down fighting the bad guys.  Hit the statue with everything they can throw at it as soon as they are close enough.  They might even take a few bad guys out in the process as they have to jump in the way to block the blasts.

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