Enemus #3 – Page 14

So while Enemus and Shark have been having fun inside, Malaika been waiting out in the car.  Looks like he’s a John Lennon fan.  Who’d have guessed?

It looks like instinct’s issues after his fight with the succubus weren’t too bad after all.  He and Nine have had time to sort him out and get on sight.  If it was that easy, maybe they just should have given them a minute and all come together.

The next question is the magic field around the building.  Malaika can’t get in, but what about Instanct or Nine.  Nine’s a robot.  Does the field affect her at all?  She’s an inanimate object, unless we’re going to claim her AI programming somehow gives her a soul.  We’re talking dark, demon magic.  It’s not going to be impressed by fancy AI programming.  Either you have a soul or not.  And if it stops her, then Enemus and Shark should probably have had to strip naked to get through, as it blocks inanimate objects.

Now, if Nine is actually a cyborg…  If there is a human mind buried in that robotic body, that would make all the difference.

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