Enemus #2 – Page 21

Just a short pause before we leap right into Issue 3 next week.  Shark is one of Enemus’ allies in his battle against the forces of Darkness.  We saw him in action briefly in the battle with the succubus this issue.  I’m sure he’ll feature more in issue 3, as part of the team going with Enemus to take on the Succubus Princess.

If you’re enjoying Enemus, I have a treat for you.  Starting this week, last Monday in fact, Gateway Comics is hosting Quantum Team.  Quantum Team bring Enemus together with three other Brazilian heroes, Thunder Girl, Cyclone and the Dark Bishop, in a new team comic by a team of indie artists in Brazil, including, of course, our own Marcos Gratao.

Remember he had to leave Stalker for another project after issue 5?  Well, now we know what that project is and we have the English version right here at Gateway Comics.

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