Enemus #1 – Pages 18 and 19

So these are and the princes of the underworld, and their token princess, the Succubus.  With such a collection and their brazon confrontation with Enemus, I can only guess that some sort of plot to bring down the light.  I am suspecting that they are trying to resurrect this demoness.  Maybe she is someone of great power that can give them the strength to win the eternal war?

I’m puzzled by the one human in their midst.  What does he add to their plan?  Do they need mortal resources to complete their plan?  Is he just going to keep humans from interfering by manipulating the government?  Is he some sort of puppet leader they plan to put in place?  Lots of possibilities here.

Is he from the Brazilian Congress?  The story opened in a Brazilian city, and Brazil has a congress, but it’s members are Senators and Deputies, not congressmen per se.  If this is a local operation, a Brazilian congressman might well meet needs.  If they have a bigger, global plan, someone from a more geopolitically important nation might work better.  Brazil is a large and influential country, 8th in world GDP and 5th in population.  It’s believable that with the right aid they might rise to become a global power in some sort of new world order.  If their man was in charge of that new superpower…

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