Enemus #1 – Page 5

This page introduces a few more characters to the story.  The two girls are Sucubi.  For those who don’t know, a sucubus is a female demon that uses sex to ensnare humans in their demonic schemes.  We don’t get a lot of insight into these two in this brief appearance, other than to know that they are subordinate to the other creature, who is running the show.

They’ve recovered an arm from the ruins.  Is it a real arm, part of a creature?  Or is it a piece of some statue they are trying to reassemble.  I’m not privy to the story to come, but I’m guessing we’ll come across more body parts, or maybe the owner of the arm, as the story progresses.

I know that many webcomic writers are comfortable with profanity in their comics.  I personally try to avoid it when I write.  In this case, I was translating and chose to leave in the original language as written.

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