Enemus #1 – Introduction

On this page, Marcos lays out the background for his universe.  It describes the basis of  its creation and the powers which control it…  in Portuguese.

This page represents my first real effort at translating the comic, and the text was fairly dense.  If you’ve ever entered a block of text into Google Translate, you know that the literal translations are rarely ideal.  This was the case here.  I had to work through those translations and get them into something that made sense in English.  That went fine until I got to the final chapter.

Oh my goodness.  The English that came out of Google made next to no sense to me.  I’m sure that the Portuguese was fine, but it just didn’t translate into anything sensical.  Something about his power from the chamber defeating evil and bringing by his strength of will bringing peace to Earth.

This required some back and forth between myself and Marcos, where I would propose a translation and he’d comment on it.

The goal is to make a translation which transmits the meaning of his writing, if not the literal words.  If you’ve learned a foreign language and then read a work in that language vs. a translation, you really will understand the term “lost in translation.”  Language is more than words.  It contains culture.  By knowing a culture’s language, you gain a much deeper understanding of how they think and what they value.

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