Enemus #1 – Cover

This week, Gateway Comics launches a new weekly webcomic, Enemus.  This comic is written and illustrated by Marcos Gratao.  I’m pleased to publish it for him, but I wish I had more to discuss about it in these discussion posts.  I’ve had little input into the creation of this comic, so I’m reading it for the first time, just as you are.

The contribution I have been able to make with the new comic is that the original is written in Portuguese.  I’m assisting Marcos in translating he book and relettering it in English.  This is a complicated process, as I don’t know Portuguese.  For the next few years, I’ll be giving Google Translate a workout.  Of course, Google Translate is not perfect.  After I get the Google version, I need to go over it, along with my knowledge of the plot and characters, and put it into proper English.

Once I have what I think is a good translation, I send it back to Marcos for his approval.

I hope you enjoy this new story.

Illustrated by Marcos Gratao.

Commentaries by Bradley Potts.

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