Enemus #3 - Digital Copy

Enemus' team ventures into the lair of the enemy to confront the Darkness and stop their plot to resurrect a near omnipotent being.
At the dawn of time were born the Darkness and the Light, bound in a never ending war. Between is the Penumbra. They hold the balance, ensuring that neither side should become to powerful and dominate creation. Enemus is an agent of the Penumbra, and with the forces of the Darkness on the rise, he battles to preserve the fading Light. Enemus and Shark venture into the lair of the Darkness, fighting their way through the demons' servants and monsters to try and stop the resurrection of "The Goddess." Enemus is created by Brazilian Indie artist Marcos Gratao and presented here, translated to English, by permission. Released February 2019 Written and Illustrated by Marcos Gratao 20 page, full color comic book All comics come bagged with backing boards

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